Wakefield Bridge – Steel Shingles

Wakefield Bridge – Steel Shingles

Wakefield Bridge

Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles


Of all roofing materials, it is well known that metal roofing is by far the longest lasting roofing material available on the roofing market today. One only needs to travel the countryside to see century-old homes and agricultural buildings with steel roofs still standing solid and proud.


Although some of them are a little rusty and dis-coloured on the surface, they have endured countless years of battering from the elements and are still weatherproof. Of course, in earlier days, steel roofing materials did not enjoy the benefits of today’s rust resistant metal coatings, technological advances in oven-baked paint systems and solar reflection qualities all bonded to the steel surface at the factory, so what we have today is a more advanced metal roofing system that not only looks beautiful but can stand the test of time. Even in Canadian Climates!


Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are designed as an alternative to the common asphalt shingle which can be replaced often in a home’s life-cycle, but with the toughness and long-lasting qualities of high-strength steel roofing interlocking panels, you will never have to re-roof again. With a 50-year warranty, these new steel shingles may very well be the last roof you install on your home for as long as you live.


Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are manufactured with a stucco-embossed finish for greater strength and a distinguished look. Available in 11 attractive designer colours to perfectly match today’s popular residential construction cladding materials, they will increase both your home’s value and exterior appearance.



Times have changed since then. Residential steel roofing materials are now available in a wide variety of designs and colours to complement any style of home. Today’s steel roofing materials offer unmatched durability, lasting as much as 4 to 5 times longer than asphalt shingles.


Why Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles ?


They are so reliable, beautiful and appealing to the eye that they are not only used in roofing applications for residential, but also in many commercial and industrial buildings as well. Just one look at these steel shingles and you will know you have achieved real curb appeal for your home!


Steel shingles carry the unquestionable advantage of being long-lasting. They will not rot, curl, crack, break, chip or peel under normal use and with very minimum maintenance. Have no fear of rain, ice, hail, sleet, snow, wind, sun, frost and even burning embers from forest fires. These steel shingles have you covered for life!


Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are manufactured here in Ontario, Canada. By Ideal Roofing Company Ltd. Manufacturers.


Metal Roofing by Wakefield Bridge

Unlike regular steel roofing panels, the Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are designed with four interlocking sides and an integrated nailing strip, which gives a clean appearance with no exposed fasteners. This 4-way interlocking system gives our steel shingle installations incredible strength over the competition and other roofing materials!

Wakefield Bridge 4-way Interlocking Shingle Diagram


Top 10 Reasons to Install Steel Shingles by Wakefield Bridge:


  1. LONG-LASTING: 50 Year Warranty, virtually a Lifetime of Protection.
  2. ATTRACTIVE: Steel shingles are aesthetically pleasing and Look good on any Type of Roof.
  3. STRONGER: Strength in the both the 4-way interlocking system and they are stronger than Aluminum.
  4. RUST & UV RESISTANT: With new technology in coatings you can be rest assured that your roof will not rust or loose it colour.
  5. DURABILITY: Steel shingles will not curl, crack, rot, break, chip, peel, streak or perforate under normal use.
  6. RESISTANT TO 241 KM per Hour WINDS: Wakefield Bridge Shingles will withstand rain, ice and hail storms, heavy sleet and snow falls and wind gusts up to 241 km/h 
  7. NOT SUBJECT TO FLUCTUATING OIL PRICES: Because Steel Shingles are not a Petroleum based product their price will not rise and fall with oil.
  8. COOL-ROOF TECHNOLOGY: With new CoolRoof® reflection technology, our shingles ensure exceptional protection from solar radiation reducing the cost of air-conditioning.
  9. ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: No more asphalt shingle in the dump and Steel Shingles are made in part of recycled steel and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle.
  10. HIGHER RESALE VALUE: Metal Roofing in general will increase the resale of your home, with a transferable warrnaty your will retain a higher resale house market price.


Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles Brochure

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You will know you have made a clear choice when you see the panels at your home, just let us know what colour samples to bring and we will be there to give you a Free Metal Roofing Estimate!





Our Wakefield Bridge steel shingles come with a transferable 50-year warranty.


Consider a steel roof a lifetime investment that will reward you with a higher resale value when the time comes to sell your house. And you will save money in the long run. In addition, because they are so lightweight, steel shingles can be installed over your existing asphalt shingles, saving you the expense of removing the old shingles, disposing of them and carting them off to a landfill site.


Steel Shingles Warranty


Asphalt shingles over time will start to degrade and loose their granules, but steel shingles will outlast any other roofing material. Wakefield Bridge steel shingles carry a 50-year transferable warranty and will likely last a lifetime.



 Can We Install Lifetime Protection on your Home ?!


Install Steel Shingles By Wakefield Bridge

Because, when you are ready to move on from Re-Roofing for ever, you want your house to have a permanent solution. Get the best in Longevity, Beauty, Energy Savings and Strength! Get in Touch With Us Today to Book Your Free Estimate!