Steel Roofing Products

Steel Roofing Products



Ideal Roofing’s Ameri-Cana Standing Seam Roofing is always a solid choice. Adaptable to any environment, it offers excellent energy efficiency, outstanding durability and lasting beauty at an affordable cost. These panels are suitable for roofing and siding applications, and are ideal for long rafter lengths at low pitch (up to 3/12). There are many colors available, too. Like all of Ideal roofing panels, it’s practically maintenance free.

Ameri-Cana Panel Benefits:

Up to a 40 year Limited Paint Warranty
A Wide Range of Designer Colors
Fire Resistant
Wind Resistant up to 140 mph
Practically Maintenance Free
29 Gauge – High Tensile and 26-Gauge – Commercial Grade Steel
Energy Efficient
Greater Life Expectancy
Outstanding Durability
Possible Insurance Savings

Weather Tite Overlap




Wakefield Bridge

When it’s time to replace your roof, make an investment in energy efficiency and a great warranty with Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles. Asphalt, composition and wood shingles begin to wear and fail as soon as they are installed. Black streaks, missing granules, moss, and curling corners take away from the home’s beauty and are signs of a weakening roof.

Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingle’s unique paint system, colors, and design will preserve, protect and add to the beauty of any home. These durable, steel shingles weigh far less than the lightest asphalt shingles, yet add the strength of steel for a lifetime of beauty and protection.

Providing lifelong beauty and protection, this will be the last roof your home ever needs.

Energy Efficient Solutions
Temporary roofing materials act like sponges and soak up the intense summer sun into the attic and living space of your home. That heat breaks down the roof, overworks air conditioners, and drives up energy bills. Our unique paint system reflects that intense energy, keeping living spaces cooler, air conditioners more efficient, and energy bills low. Homeowners save money and energy with Wakefield Bridge.

50 Warranty
Unlike temporary roofing warranties, the Wakefield Bridge warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners for up to 40 years from installation. Also included is a 30 year fade and chalk warranty, ensuring great color, giving you freedom from maintenance and peace of mind for the future. Now that’s a superior warranty!

100% Made In Canada
All components of a Wakefield Bridge roof – top quality steel, paint, coatings, and accessories – are manufactured in the Canada. Wakefield Bridge Shingles protect your home with beauty and style while keeping Canada’s economy working strong!




Designed for residential and commercial buildings, our Junior H-F steel roofing panel gives them the attractive traditional style and appearance of classic buildings with standing seam roofs and higher market value.

The Junior H-F panel is manufactured from .016 in. thick (29 Gauge) Galvalume pre-painted steel in 16-inch (406 mm) widths. It is pre-punched for screws with nylon washers allowing for adjustment to the natural expansion and contraction of the steel. It is coated with a high quality Perspectra Plus SeriesTM / WeatherXLTM paint whose quality and performance specification offers 40 years of film integrity. It is available in several trendy colours reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays and reducing the heat island effect in compliance with LEED® credit requirements.

Once installed on a solid backing, the Junior H-F steel roofing panel is secured with hidden fasteners. Striations add strength and rigidity to the panel and stiffener ribs can be removed upon request.

Recent new technology breakthroughs and product design allow us to manufacture the Junior H-F steel roofing panel while maintaining our 40-year limited warranty.

Like all Standing Seam Roof panels, Jr-HF delivers a clean, linear elegance paired with unmatched quality for a dependable, long-lasting and beautiful roof. As a direct concealed-fastened option, Jr-HF provides the benefit of the same great look at a more economical price.

Hidden Fastener (H-F) Steel Roof.

Metal Roofing Fastener



Ideal Heritage Series

Designed as a roofing panel for high end, prestige residential and commercial buildings, Ideal Roofing’s H-F 16 & H-F 20.25 hidden fastener steel roof panels bring back the rich traditional style and appearance of standing-seam roofs without the need of clips and the use of a seamer when installing.

The architecturally pleasing H-F 16 & H-F 20.25 panel can be installed over a solid backing, or over steel or wood purlins through oval slots with Ideal Roofing’s specially designed fastening screws, allowing for the contraction and expansion of the metal.

Coined the ‘BULLETPROOF ROOF” by many, this roof style is the pinnacle of metal roofing.

For a long time, your only option for roofing materials was asphalt shingles or…asphalt shingles. Few other choices were available, and if you wanted a different roofing material, you had better be prepared to pay big bucks for it.Not long ago, standing seam metal roofs were only a figment of the imagination in the minds of average homeowners. Most were confined to commercial buildings or very cool, avant-garde residential structures.

Now, you’re seeing them pop up on every block.

Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing Installation Professional



Allmet Granite Ridge Shingles

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing from Allmet.

Allmet stone coated steel Granite Ridge Shingles give you the look of high-end architectural asphalt shingles, with the lifetime durability and strength of stone coated steel. Each of our interlocking steel roofing panels incorporates integral overlapping side seams interlocking top seam which covers all fasteners for a neat, seamless watertight finish. Specialized interlocking fascia and wall finishing trims further enhance the quality finish.

Allmet’s Granite Ridge stone coated steel shingles are installed directly to the roof deck, or over existing shingles.

Unlike conventional roofing shingles, our Granite Ridge stone coated steel metal roofing shingles will never break down, warp or fail, and are not prone to mold, fire or tearing in high winds as are conventional composition shingles. Your Allmet metal roofing shingles will deliver a lifetime of unsurpassed service while improving your home value, saving your money, and delivering a daily sense of satisfaction, security, and peace of mind!

A broad palette of colors and a weight two-thirds lighter than heavy asphalt roofing. That’s a lot to offer in one roofing product, but the Granite Ridge roofing system pulls it off with style. Though price competitive with upper-end asphalt composition tiles, Granite Ridge outlasts them right down the line.



EcoStar Empire Slate

The newest member of the EcoStar family of premium steep slope roof tiles is the Empire Slate line of products. The second generation of sustainable roofing offers all the features and benefits of the Majestic line, and more.

As an environmentally conscious company, EcoStar felt that providing roofing systems made from recycled products was not enough. We needed to address the issues of Global Warming and Energy Conservation. To this end, EcoStar has developed a new formulation for roof tiles to achieve both high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) performance, and low emissivity. In the warmer climates, both homes and commercial buildings are subject to thermal gain in daylight hours. The SRI of the Empire Slate tiles help reduce this gain by reflecting the sun’s heat energy back into space, as opposed to being absorbed by the building envelope. The low emissivity rating works in the opposite way, allowing buildings to retain their heat energy in night time hours and reducing the Urban Heat Island effect. In short, EcoStar is offering a sustainable, durable product with recycled content that can contribute to an energy efficient building envelope.