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14 Jun, 2017
Metal Roofing by Wakefield Bridge

A Trusted Company in the Metal Roof Industry


Falco Metal Roofing Company has a long and proud history of service to the residents of Chatham-Kent municipality in Ontario Canada and the surrounding areas. We offer highly effective, elegant and sustainable residential metal roofing solutions.

As professionals, we provide all our clients with metal roof solutions that have undergone stringent industry tests, guaranteeing maximum protection. Because all our products are durable enough to last a lifetime even under extreme climate conditions, any metal roofing system you choose from us will be the last you ever buy.

With sustainable roofing products that are made mostly from recycled materials, Falco Metal Roofing Company offers residential metal roofing solutions that meet the most rigorous environmental responsibility tests. As such, opting for one of our metal roof solutions helps to reduce the landfill waste caused by the never-ending disposal of replaced roofing materials. Aside from minimizing both pollution and dependence on our natural resources, choosing one of our metal roof solutions will, in the long run, mean less money out of your pocket.


How Your Roof Impacts the Environment


In addition to providing products specifically designed and tested to ensure ultimate strength and durability, each metal roofing system features an elegant appearance, the result of a technologically advanced low gloss matte finish. As such, you will have a roof that is strong, durable, eco-friendly, and extremely attractive.

Because our metal roof systems come in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles, you will certainly find a solution that complements your home and suits your needs, preference, and budget. Since it can protect and beautify your house for a lifetime, a metal roof installation pays for itself over time.

Metal roofs are made from materials like copper, steel, aluminum, and alloys. However, some of the metals used are expensive, which is why aluminum and steel are the most commonly used materials. Even so, today’s metal roof solutions were designed and manufactured with strength, easy installation, durability, minimal maintenance, safety, and aesthetic value in mind. As such, quality metal roofs are lightweight, long-lasting, attractive, and fire-resistant.


Metal Roofing Sytles


When considering a metal roof, you need to identify the best solution for your home first. In terms of appearance, metal roof solutions are available in two distinct forms but with many variations.

Metal roof panels: Besides being the most common panel-style option, standing seam panels feature raised ribs every 6-12 inches. Ameri-cana by Ideal is applied in sheets, resulting in the clean, contemporary look that most architects prefer. Although panel-style roofing doesn’t go well with colonial architecture, it complements a variety of home designs including modern masterpieces.




Americana Metal Roofing

Americana Metal Roofing


Metal roof shingles: Aside from shaping them to look like wood shakes, tile, or slate while taking special care not to compromise their strength, manufacturers often subject shingles to a multi-layered factory finish for a realistic paint effect and added durability. Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are an excellent example of shingles that allows homeowners to have metal roofs that look like any other roofing solution.


Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles

Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles


Metal Roofing Advantages


Comparing metal against other roofing products is important when considering a metal roof. As a roofing option, metal performs better than other roofing materials in several areas. Since we’d like you to make a well-informed choice, here’s a list detailing the most important metal roofing advantages.

Fire resistant: Because metal is noncombustible, metal roofs have a Class A fire rating. However, this rating partly depends on the type of materials installed underneath, some of which will ignite when exposed to heat. As such, installation over combustible roof support materials like wood often results in a lower fire rating.

Durable: Apart from shedding snow quicker than almost every other roofing material, metal roofs can withstand seal out water, high winds, and extreme weather. Added to the fact that it is resistant to fire, insects, rot, and mildew, metal offers a high level of durability. In fact, properly installed metal roofs can last a lifetime, hence the importance of using a professional and experienced metal roof contractor. Although warranties can vary, we back many of our metal roof systems with a 50-year warranty. On the other hand, we usually cover our metal roof finishes with a 30-year limited warranty.

Lightweight: Compared to tile and concrete roofing solutions, metal roofs are light, especially since most of the varieties currently available weigh around 50-150 pounds per square. With regards to roofing support systems, weight is one of the factors that affect the level of structural strength needed and, therefore, the overall cost.

Speedy and easy installation: As mentioned earlier, metal roof panels are 12 to 36 inches wide while Wakefield Bridge steel shingles come as multiple sections. Even so, the ease of installation offered by both shingle-style and panel-style metal roof solutions make it a speedy process, especially when done by an experienced professional. You’ll wish for a shortened installation time when there’s a storm coming, and you’ve just had your roof stripped off.

Cost-effective: Compared to other roofing systems, engineering and installing a metal roof support structure costs a lot less because metal is light. You can also install some metal roof materials over existing roofs without having to tear off the roof or upgrade the structural support. In fact, you can sometimes reduce the roof support units used.

Heat conduction: metal roof systems reduce midday heat gain by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat, meaning a reduced energy bill since you won’t have to use your A/C during the day.

Minimal roof pitch: While many roofing systems allow installation over gently pitched roof support structures, you won’t have to worry about leaks when it’s a metal roof. For metal roofs, the required minimum pitch is 3-in-12.

Ability to shed snow and water: In addition to their hard and slippery surfaces, panel-style and shingle-style metal roof systems are designed to interlock, which makes every metal roof solution impervious to water and snow. As such, metal roofs shed water and snow better than other roofing systems.


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