Metal Roof Installation Over Shingles (Yes We Can!)

5 Feb, 2018
Metal Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

Redefining the Metal Roofing Industry

Falco Metal Roofing Aylmer Ontario


Often times, when people call Falco Metal Roofing they know very well about the products longevity, boasting a Lifetime of protection for your home. What they dont always consider is that metal roofing can be directly installed over an asphalt roof (year round). This has a lot of advantages vs the traditional shingle route.


For one, you do not have to pay for a roofing tear off, saving you, our client… money. This also means you will save your local landfill a heap of garbage and again more savings. Speaking of enviromently friendly, metal roofing is made from 25% or more recyled metal and once the life-cycle is finally reached the entire roof can be recycled for greener living. 


Most people want to know that their major investments are well protected and maintained in order to yield the greatest number on return of investment. It also happens to be a bonus too that your are a super hero, doing your part to save the enviroment.


Metal Roofing Over Shingles


We opperate out of and serve the Aylmer, Ontario, area where the weather can change day to day, but we all know how harsh our winters can be on regular asphalt shingles. Past clients are extremely happy knowing their home is healthy and ready to endure the rigors of another winter along Lake Erie Ontario. It’s a great feeling to know you have provided a solid roof overhead, to keep your family sheltered from the elements.


When assessing your roofing options most consider if they replace with asphalt its only a matter of time before they have to replace again. Here is a quote from one of our past clients:


I was nearing the 12-year mark on my previous asphalt shingle roof, metal roofing had an immediate allure as I had often seen its application covering heavy industrial buildings in the ares I worked. The idea of re-roofing every 10-15 years had little appeal to me, especially as one who holds permanent roofing in such high regard. If a metal roof could stand up to the weather in a tough Canadian environment, than a residential metal roofing application would be more than adequate to protect my family for years to come. Regardless of how long I stay in this home, I want to get the greatest return of investment if and when I choose to sell.


Sometimes homeowners get concerned about how much structural support is required for installing a metal roof. Metal roofing is light weight and often times typical house framing would be adequate to support the new steel shingles. Not only can metal roofing be installed over my existing asphalt shingle roof, but it will weigh between 50-65% less per square foot as compared to its asphalt counterpart.


You can call Falco Metal Roofing for a residential metal roofing quote for free anytime. We are proud to be using the Wakefield Bridge steel shingles system. Beauty with real curb appeal that lasts. Finally Your LAST ROOF!


Falco Metal Roofing CTA


With a transferrable 50-year warranty this product put itself miles ahead of the competition. No one, especially an asphalt shingle manufacturer, is going to back their product for that long and make it transferrable unless they truly believed in the product. What an amazing testimony to metal roofing products! Plus, if you do end up selling your home, you will have another very strong selling point to increase the value of your asking price because the new owner can reap the benefit of the warranty and the lifetime protection.


With Metal you also get consistent pricing. With asphalt so heavily contingent on the oil market, pricing for an inferior product is always inherently volatile, leaving customers chasing shady deals and new promotions on a faulty product.


When it comes time to select your next roofing option, take the time to consider all of the advantages of metal roofing. These steel shingles are made out of recycled steel, and don’t have swings in pricing with any oil-based shingle. Choose the more environmentally sound option, instead of contributing to the unnecessary overfilling of our landfills. Ultimately you will feel better about your purchase.


Rust-resistant metal paired up with a sharp visual appeal. Flaco roofing installed steel shingles are protected with a three-layer combination of corrosion-resistant zinc/aluminum blend sealed with primer paint, and topped off with an oven-baked PVDF paint film. This, in turn, insures that all of our metal roofs won’t chip, flake, or streak away, as anyone else has experienced in the past with any asphalt shingled roof.


Metal Shingles layers


Metal is built to combat the elements with ease. As we all know how Lake Erie can be a breeding machine for harsh weather, our steel shingles are designed to to resist the pummeling effects of mother nature. Whether it’s an ice/hail storm, wind gust up to 241 Km/h, or even hot embers that blow over during periodic forest fires in the summertime, Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are designed to resist the degrading/damaging effects off all atmospheric scenarios in nature.


Metal roofing is also very energy efficiency. Steel shingles boast a Cool Roof solar reflection technology that protects metal roofs from solar radiation and nullifies the heat absorbing effects. This results in a lower energy bill in the summer, as you wont have to run your air conditioner as intensely when it actually gets hotter outsite.


Final thoughts, a product is only as good as the hands that install it. So once you are set on the material you want to use, ensure you do your research on any local metal roof contractor to get the job done right. Don’t settle for any residential roofing company, but one who truly demonstrates a strong intellect on the subject while providing non-threatening and customer service-based approach.


Falco fits that reputation and we hope that we can prove it to you. A roof is one the most under-appreciated purchase in life, as we tend not to think of it much until there is a problem and then that is all we can think about. Trust the professionals at Falco to navigate your next roofing project and get the peace of mind that comes with buying a permanent metal roofing solution.

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