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15 Feb, 2017
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Reasons to engage an expert when replacing your roofing with steel shingles

Replacing your roof shingles is a major project and it is wise if you call around and ask questions to get help from an expert roofer. How do you know they are an expert, well…. look for 3 things. 

  1. How Long They Have Been in Business
  2. They’re Reviews Online and Word of Mouth
  3. View a previous Installation


While most people find they are handy at all they do, there are some situations where the help of an expert is best. Most home owner’s have some knowledge on how to put on a traditional asphalt roof, but using tin snips and cutting metal shingles just right can be an art form. When it comes time to make that important change to your beloved home, Trust the Metal Roofing Experts, Falco Metal Roofing!

The things that can go wrong are many when it comes to roofing and we all want peace of mind after a job is done. After all isn’t that why we called in the first place? To not worry about your roof leaking or missing shingles anymore? Well, think about this, if you trust Falco Metal Roofing to install new Steel Shingles on your home… it will be THE LAST ROOF YOU’LL EVER BUY. That’s right,  no more roof replacements and a maintenance free roof for life!

It is important that you leave that kind of work to an expert. Even when you are not carrying out the project yourself, we encourage everyone to shop around and get a few quotes, but make sure you do your homework. At Falco Metal Roofing our tag line is “Above the Rest” and we prove we want your business in a lot of ways, like customer service, competitive pricing and strong work ethics. You may be tempted to hand it over to an untrained person, to avoid a minimal cost, but lets read on to see what that will get you…

Here are the reasons why the roof replacement is best left to experts:


  • They will advise you on the best steel shingles to use

A roofing expert has first-hand knowledge of the materials that are available in the market. Falco Metal Roofing is aware of the benefits each product has as well as the suitability of the products for your particular home project. With this advice, you will get the best metal roofing that will address you particular needs and impress you with real curb appeal. In addition, Jake at Falco will consider all cost factors and give you options that are within your budget. The right product will complement the design and ascetics of your house.


  • They will identify any pre-existing issues and deal with them before the project even starts

Sometimes, the old roof had problems that if left unaddressed, could affect the structure of your new roof. Only an expert can spot any problem areas in the roof deck or frame and alert you of their existence. If you have a weak support, then you can expect the new roof not to last too long. An expert on Jake’s Team may even help you realize that you may not need a new roof replacement after all.


  • They will have the necessary safety equipment, training as well as insurance

Roofing is dangerous work and someone who does not have the experience may not be able to endure being up there for long. An accident involving someone falling off the roof can be disastrous, to say the least. An expert who has the safety training knows how to work their way up in a stable manner. Such has safety equipment like harnesses that help them in times of an accident. They also have insurance that provides adequate compensation for workers and property in times of accidents. This protects you and your property.


  • You will save time and money

An expert will save you time and money as they are properly trained to install our manufactures products. A professional roofer will have the experience installing the steel shingles therefore will take as little time as possible to get the job done. The expert is also familiar with different roofing systems and they will quickly apply years of experience especially where your roof has a cut up design (Many Pitches and Angles). In the end, Falco Metal Roofing will save you money as a fast installation means you will be back to regular living and saving money on your energy bills thanks to metal’s reflective surfaces. You will also save any future costs as you will no longer need to fix or even replace your roof again. Contact us for a Free Metal Roofing Estimate!

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