Ameri-Cana Standing Seam

Ameri-Cana Standing Seam

Standing Seam Roofing

Ameri-Cana By Ideal Roofing


Ideal Roofing America Standing Seam


Adaptable to any environment, our popular Ameri-Cana Standing Seam Roof panels are suitable for roofing or siding applications on agricultural, residential and light commercial buildings. It’s ideal as a roofing sheet for long and low rafters (as low as 3/12) for roofs with a low pitch.

Standing Seam Roof Panels

Ideal Roofing’s Ameri-Cana Standing Seam Roof panels offers superior strength with a strong 80,000 PSI full-hard steel core and a five specially designed 3/4″ high ribs on 9″ centres.

Superior strength means savings on wood or steel purlins for your customer and in the long run, these roofs last a lifetime with a solid Warranty to back them up.

Customers are pleased with this product because they save them selves both time and money, Here’s How:

Time because sheets cover 36″ in width.

Ameri-Cana Panel

Money because sheets are made economically with a 41″ wide coil so there’s less waste than any other high-rib profile on the market. Plus their is extra coatings which gives them their longevity.

Standing Seam Coatings


Have a Look at this Brochure for Ameri-Cana Standing Seam Roofing and see if Ideal is Right For YOU!

Ameri-Cana Standard Brochure & Colour Chart

Americana Brochure